Messages of Support

We’ve received a huge number of messages from individuals and organisations across the country expressing solidarity with Owen for his appeal on Friday. We’ve published a few of them below. Please feel free to add your support in the comments below, and thank you for your continued support!

“What has happened to Owen Holland is an outrage. It is a long fought for right of citizens to protest, and it is a key element of vigorous debate and a condition for a vibrant democracy, particularly in a university setting, for members of communities to be able to voice their opposition to policy, both Governmental and institutional. That is what is under attack here in the interests of representing and repackaging the University as a site passive in the face of, and thereby complicit in, Government education policy.”
– Tom Hickey, Chair, UCU Coordinating Committee, University of Brighton, National Executive Committee, UCU

“As an alumnus of the University (Emmanuel, 1988), I am shocked by the decision of the Court of Discipline in the case of Mr Owen Holland. He appears to have been singled out for victimisation after his part in a civilised protest against the visit of the current Minister of Education. The punishment imposed upon him is out of all proportion to the offence. The Cambridge I remember and respect did not engage in exemplary punishment of individuals and in the name of natural justice I would most strongly urge the Appeals Court to overturn this appalling decision.”

“I am registering my support for Owen Holland, who does not deserve to be singled out in this way, nor should anyone be punished for a civilised, peaceful protest with others against a government minister who appears to have a limited view of what higher education is. Surely the purpose of education is to question the world in which we live?”

“From myself, and from all of the academic staff at Fircroft College of Adult Education in Birmingham, we fully support your action, and fully support your right to take action.”

“This is outrageous! Whatever happened to speaking truth to power? And peacefully as well! I hope the University see the error of their ways.”

“I have followed this case with incredulity and disgust… The disciplinary action for a peaceful expression of opposition was inappropriate in the first place… This is unworthy of an institution that should recognise that students are entitled to hold their own views and indeed to be angered by the betrayal of a generation of students.”

“Support from the Chair of Warwickshire College. Good luck.”

“I wish you every luck with your appeal. Justice, I trust, will out.”

“Like hundreds of academics throughout the country we were shocked by the  severity of the suspension handed out to you by the Cambridge authorities  and offer our wholehearted support for you during tomorrow’s hearing”
– Jill and Peter Seddon, Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton


6 responses to “Messages of Support”

  1. Elaine Hernen says :

    Best of luck with the campaign to reinstate Owen. This decision must be overturned – it shames the name of a great university.

  2. walkerjay says :

    Freedom of assembly. Right to stage a peaceful protest. Academic freedom.
    Sacrosanct !

  3. John Meed says :

    Unfortunately I’m in Northampton tomorrow so can’t join you on the demo. But I’ll be with you in spirit. Owen must be reinstated!

  4. Tracey farrell says :

    Wanted to add a message of support, I hope reason and compassion rule and that the appeal is successful. well done to everyone who has supported Owen and worked to publicise this scandalous case.

  5. A. Lidster says :

    Organisations lack integrity when they single-out and bully an individual; it appears Owen Holland has been targeted. I want to add my voice to the many who appal the treatment he has received. Best wishes for the appeal today!

  6. isobelurquhart says :

    Support Owen Holland today in his appeal against an unjust charge and outrageous sentence which is intended, at his personal expense,.to deter others from the right to protest. Acquiesce at our peril – the case will set the bar for how the university will deal with future protest activity.

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