Cambridge UCU launches campaign for Owen

Members of Cambridge University and Colleges Union met on Friday 27 April to discuss Owen Holland’s suspension. Over forty members of the union signed the call for the Extraordinary General Meeting, reflecting a high level of anger among UCU members at the university’s actions. Owen is a member of UCU and a number of members commented at the meeting on the worrying implications of the case for the rights of university staff, particularly those on fixed-term contracts.

The meeting resolved overwhelmingly:

1. To continue to fully support the campaign against Owen Holland’s suspension.

2. To work with Cambridge University Students’ Union and Graduate Union, other campaigners within the University, and the national Defend The Right To Protest campaign to organise a rally this term (Easter 2012) to raise the injustice of Owen Holland’s case and the wider attacks on the right to protest.

3. To organise a protest when Owen Holland’s appeal hearing happens.

It was agreed also that a group of UCU activists would produce campaign materials and organise widespread publicity to highlight the ongoing campaign for Owen’s reinstatement.

Click here for resources you can download and print out.


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